Sunday Schedule


8 am
Holy Eucharist
Rite One
(no music)

10:10 am
Sunday School & Nursery Care (Sunday School children join us at the Peace for Communion)

10:15 am
Holy Eucharist,
Rite Two
(with music and choir)

11:30 Coffee Hour

June- August

Memorial Day weekend through the Sunday after Labor Day weekend

9:30 am Holy Eucharist with music

10:30 am Lemonade on the Lawn


Rector's Welcomefamily 2012

It is my great privilege to serve as Rector of Immanuel Church in mutual ministry with the vestry, ministry leaders, and every member of this congregation. Since beginning here in January 2010, there is so much I have found attractive about Immanuel— from its gorgeous setting to its sense of history to its vibrant communal life. But I think the first thing that stands out about this congregation is its welcoming statement first adopted back in 1999.

This is truly a community that honors its history and traditions, yet remains open to the promptings of the Spirit. We seek to accept and love who we are, while always striving to develop our spiritual lives and to become more the individuals and community God is calling us to be. We try new things; we share stories; we support one another; we pray and learn together; and we have fun! Come join us as we explore and become a community of Good News!

The Rev. Megan E. Stewart-Sicking

Immanuel Church Welcoming StatementMegan

Following our long-standing, intentional practice, Immanuel Episcopal Church in Glencoe, Maryland, extends a warm welcome and an invitation to join us in community worship to all people who desire to love and worship God, follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, and seek loving fellowship with others in His church. We extend this welcome and invitation especially to all who may have particular reason to think they may not be welcome because of physical appearance, physical or mental disability, ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, financial circumstance, or past or present sins. We confess that we are not a community already perfected in love. But we want to become more fully loving and welcome into our community all who wish to join us in this endeavor.