Sunday Schedule


8 am
Holy Eucharist
Rite One
(no music)

10:10 am
Sunday School & Nursery Care (Sunday School children join us at the Peace for Communion)

10:15 am
Holy Eucharist,
Rite Two
(with music and choir)

11:30 Coffee Hour

June- August

Memorial Day weekend through the Sunday after Labor Day weekend

9:30 am Holy Eucharist with music

10:30 am Lemonade on the Lawn


Casavant Organ

christmas organThe pipe organ in Immanuel Church was built by Casavant Freres, of St. Hyacinthe,  Quebec, Canada, in 2007.  One could say it is a good lesson in “small instruments for small spaces.”  Opus 3871 is a custom built unit organ, with as little borrowing as possible, but enough to give a variety of tonal colors and flexibility as a service playing instrument.

Immanuel Church was never built to have a pipe organ or choir. In redesigning the chancel area, we needed room for 12 choristers, pulpit, lectern, organ console, altar, seating for acolytes and clergy, communion rail, and last but not least organ space.

The church only measures 21 feet wide by 52 feet long.  The small pews will seat four to five people each, with a total seating of 120 maximum, and we could not afford to loose any seating space. What ever we did, it must look as though it has always been this way, and not look like an after thought.

 The architect, working with Casavant, carefully laid out the chancel. It was determined that floor space for the organ would only be 5’10” wide by 6’6” deep on each side.  Organ chests are normally 8 feet in length. Since this was not possible, it was necessary to build the chests with unit action in order to fit within the 6’6” space. Casavant was able to install the reservoirs, solid state relay system, motor/blower, expression shade (woffle-tree) motors, chimes, and treble offsets for the Great 8” Open Diapason, all on the two lower levels, with all pipes on the upper levels. The entire organ is under expression, except for the Pedal 16’ Subbass and Great 8’ Open Diapason, which forms a façade of all speaking pipes.

organThe organ consists of two manuals and pedals, 10 stops, 12 ranks, and 670 pipes all fashioned by hand. The façade pipes are 75% tin; other ranks are of tin/lead alloys, and wood. The entire organ is on 3 ½" wind pressure. The case work of walnut was designed and built by Casavant. Voicing is English throughout.

We feel honored that our organ was featured twice in The American Organist magazine and made the front cover of the March 2009 issue.

Click here to open a pdf of the entire feature article from The American Organist magazine.